• 01 Feb 2023
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This feature requires an Organization Admin role and is not available in local mode

Secrets are used to store security-sensitive credential information needed to access the data and catalog stores. Secrets are supported only in SaaS mode setup. The secrets page is accessible by navigating to 'Admin->Secrets' as shown below.


The Secrets page has the following information and actions

  1. Listing all secrets with each secret showing basic information like secret name, type, creation timestamp, and the user who created the secret. The following secret types are supported.
    1. AWS: Captures an AWS access key and secret key credential information.
    2. Azure: Captures an Azure storage account key.
    3. GCP: Captures a Google service account key JSON file - Reference
    4. Basic Auth: Captures a username and password typically used to store credentials to access a relational database.
  2. Ability to filter secrets by type.
  3. Ability to add, edit and delete secrets.
Secrets page

Adding Secret

  1. Click on 'Add Secrets' button on the top right corner of the page.
  2. A form as below opens up. Enter a name and select the 'Type' from the drop-down. Fill in the fields specific to the type and click 'Submit'.
    Add Secret


Edit Secret

Click the 'Edit' button on the card corresponding to the secret to be edited. A form similar to 'Add Secret' opens up with credential fields allowed to be edited.

Delete Secret

Click the 'Delete' button on the card corresponding to the secret to be deleted and confirm the deletion.

Delete secret operation is irreversible
The secret may be used by entities like containers, external catalogs, etc, and may result in operations on these entities failing. Please ensure the secret is not in use before deleting the secret

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