• 01 Feb 2023
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Basic Compare

The Compare feature allows comparing a set of data objects against a base set of data objects to identify changes and data drift. As an example, you may want to compare how last week's data compares with last 3 month's data and see if there the data is similar or diverging. The Compare option is only available for Explore jobs and for the 'image' dataset type. All the data of old datasets have displayed with round dots, and the data of new datasets have displayed with plus dots.


  • A compare job can be specified with a base job on the same dataset and base job must be of Explore type
  • The compare job and base job must be defined using the same catalog table

Job submission

  1. The job creation flow is similar to any other job by navigating to the catalog and clicking on the 'Visualize' button
  2. In the job submission screen, select 'Compare' type of job and the base job from a drop down list of eligible base jobs
    Compare job submission


  3. Click 'Submit'
  4. Once the job is in 'Ready' state, click 'Visualize'
  5. A sample visualization is as below.


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