User Personas and Onboarding
  • 22 Feb 2022
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User Personas and Onboarding

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AkriManager hosts the following category of users:

  • Customer Admin: The Akridata System is designed to support multi-tenant usage with different tenants supported using a single AkriManager deployment. Depending on the deployment preferences, a customer in AkriManager may be mapped to a business unit within a larger organization. The Akridata System is made available to a customer after the creation of a customer namespace and one or more customer admin users. A customer admincan perform operations like the following:
    • Create and manage users
    • Register organizational-wide assets like data and catalog stores, edge clusters, soft-edge clusters, etc.
    • Monitor resource utilization, data store utilization, etc.
    • View lineage information of data objects
  • User: A customer admin onboards users into the AkriManager service. A usercan perform operations like the following:
    • Define workflows for execution using the assets provisioned by the admin
    • Monitor data ingestion sessions corresponding to running workflow instances
    • Access catalog and request access for data needed for ad-hoc processing
    • Share workflow produced data with other users and groups in the organization for collaboration
    • Visualize data using the Data Visualization service
    • View lineage information as a means to keep track of which workflow (and contained processing modules) has produced a particular data blob, and which downstream workflows have consumed that particular data blob.

A customer admin owns and manages assets and a user owns and interacts with data.

  • Operator: A customer admin onboards operators into the AkriManager service. An operator interacts with AkriManager through the Akridata Operator App (works with smartphones and tablets), and helps initiate the flow of new source data through the data pipeline. For example, in the autonomous vehicle domain, when data from a test vehicle arrives at the edge data center, the operator can scan barcodes or QR codes associated with the HDD or SSD media from vehicles and insert these disks into the ingest dock. This allows AkriManager to be a central place where asset information and their current status is available.

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