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  • 15 Jul 2022
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Other concepts

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A secret is any security sensitive information that can be centrally stored and managed on Akrimanager. A secret can be used to store credentials to access data stores(like AWS S3, Azure blob store etc) or credentials to access binary repositories where filter binaries are uploaded(like AWS ECR, Maven repositories etc). All references to secrets happen through the name of the secret instead of actual credentials thus allowing the admin user to update credentials in case of a security breach or in order to adhere to organization security policies that mandate rotation of credentials.

Disk and disk group schemas

In disk group flow discussed in Disk groups and workflow groups, the Akridata system selects the workflows to run against a disk based on attributes captured through the operator app. The list and type of these attributes to be captured are configurable through disk and disk group YAML specifications. Based on the schema configured by the admin user, the operator will be presented with a dynamically configured form on the operator app where they should enter the required fields. As an example the following schema specifies that operator must provide

  1. SerialNumber of type string
  2. A 5 character label that encodes sensor type(SensorCode field) and version

- schema_id: "AKRI_SCHEMA_DISK_001"

  schema_name: "SAMPLE-DISK-SCHEMA-001"

  asset_type: "MEDIA"

      protocol_version: 1.0.0

  spec_type: "asset_schema"

  is_enabled: TRUE

  action: "Create"



    - name: "SerialNumber"

      type: "string"

      is_required: True

      mapping_type: raw


    # 5 character input scanned as barcode/QR code and interpreted as 2

    # different tokens

    - name: "Label"

      type: "string"

      is_required: True

      mapping_type: tokenized


        - start_index: 1

          end_index: 3

          key: SensorCode

        - start_index: 4

          end_index: 5

          key: SensorVersion

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