Account Settings & Login
  • 17 Jun 2022
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Account Settings & Login

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Article Summary

Endpoint Scanning

Follow the below instructions to scan the endpoint,


1. Launch the application by clicking on the Akridata icon on your mobile.

Akri Icon

2. Once the application is launched, landing page is displayed which shows the login form along with the settings icon.

3. Click the Settings icon and provide the endpoint url shared along with the apk details or scan the End Point QR code from the web application and click Submit.
Note: Setting up the endpoint allows the operator to login to the application.

End Point
This is a one time setup after every installation or upgrade of the mobile application.

Logging in

A user with operator privilege is onboarded by both the operators created by the user with administrator role in the wefff application and the login credentials will be shared with the corresponding operators to access the mobile application.

Login - Client Operator

In the mobile application, after setting up the End Point, Organization ID screen is displayed.
1. Enter the organization ID and click Next.
Org ID Login 

Login page is displayed. 

2. Enter valid login credentials (Username and Password).

3. Click Login.


Operator Badge Scanning:

Operator details are displayed along with Authorize button.


4. Click Authorize from the mobile application.

The Badge Scanning Screen is displayed.


5. Scan the Operator badge QR from the application to approve the authentication of the operator login which then allows the user to access the mobile application.

Badge Scanning Screen

6. Operator now lands on the dashboard of the application which contains the list of menus accessible by the Client Operator.

Client Operator Dashboard


1. Once logged into the application the operators get navigated to the landing page of the application, the left toggle displays the Account management panel where the Logout button is displayed.

Account Management Panel

2. The operator can logout from the application by clicking on the Logout button.


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