Import catalog (Local mode)
  • 21 Dec 2022
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Import catalog (Local mode)

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This mode is recommended only for local mode where web portal UI-based import CSV is not supported.

  1. Prepare a CSV file as per the instructions here.
  2. Run the following command to import the CSV file.
adectl import -f <path-to-csv-file> -n <dataset-name> -t <table-name>
  • <dataset-name> - Please get this id from 'Datasets' page on Data Explorer UI
  • <table-name> - Name of catalog table to which the entries must be imported. This can be an existing table matching the schema of the CSV, or if the table does not exist, then the table is automatically created.
  • If dataset-name is not unique or if you want to use dataset id, then -n <dataset-name> should be replaced with -d <dataset-id>
  • The dataset name and dataset-id are available on the 'Datasets' page on Data Explorer UI, as seen below
  • The catalog entries are visible on the Dataset Catalog page on successful import.

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