SaaS mode
  • 01 Dec 2022
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SaaS mode

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adectl based import
adectl import of catalog as described in Local mode - adectl based import is available in SaaS mode

In SaaS mode, the following options to import/connect to the catalog are available.

  1. Registering an External catalog and creating a view - This connects Data Explorer, and the entries are fetched only when queries are run.
  2. Import catalog on the web portal UI and create a view - This uploads the catalog entries in a CSV(comma separated value) file to a table within Data Explorer.

To create a view(virtual table), the imported(or connected external catalog) must have one or more columns that can be used to join the imported/connected table with the tables produced by Data Explorer featurization process. The columns that are available for this purpose are

  1. file_path: Full path name of the file whose features are ingested to Data Explorer.
  2. file_name: Relative path of the file with respect to the URI registered in Container.
  3. frame_idx_in_file: For Video datasets, the imported/connected table must join on a per-frame basis, and hence a field that represents the frame in a video file is required.

Either file_path or file_name and frame_idx_in_file(for Video) are required to be present in the imported/connected catalog. The column names for these fields can be anything but they should represent the entity described above.

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